frequent annoying questions

What are the login credentials? •



Why is it heads and not Heads? •

Because I said so.

Why is there no branding, logos, etc. in the OS? •

heads is intended as a distro for privacy-aware people. You don't want to go out with a system screaming "Hey, I'm using heads!!!". So an elegant and lean looking solution is there in the form of dark colours and a lovely wallpaper.

Where do I get help for using heads? •

Please don't ask for help on the bugtracker. You can get help and talk with other heads users via IRC, and via the mailing list.

How do I donate? •

See contributing and the wishlist.

Are there any projects similar to heads? •

Of course! Decentralization is key :)

Here's a few notable projects, both privacy-wise and/or security-wise:

I found a bug! What do I do? •

Go to heads' bugtracker and search through the issues. If your bug isn't already reported, open a new issue and try to explain it the best you can.

The most prefered way to report bugs is by submitting patches.

Why is foo not in heads? •

The distro is very fresh. I am getting feedback as people are giving it. Feel free to open a feature request on the bugtracker, and tag it with feature request.

How do I update heads? •

First check you are running the latest version of heads. The version you have should be the same as it is on the downloads page. If that is the case, you can issue sudo heads-update from within the system to see if there are any minor system updates. However, if you don't have the latest ISO, just grab that :)

What is the root password? •

You saw it upon booting, on the welcome screens. It is only shown here at this time and then it disappears (as it told you).