heads' status report

What I am currently doing with heads

The build system development has been slow lately, but this does not mean that heads' development itself has stopped. As of lately, more work is being done on Devuan Ascii and it is planned to be released as "stable" by the end of 2017. This will also make heads be rebased to the next Devuan Testing (called Beowulf).

In the meantime, heads will be getting its own repositories, which will allow me to package some software that is currently installed using the blend file. This way updates will be made more easily, and it also allows for repository freezing. This setup will be done using the Amprolla tool: https://github.com/headslive/amprolla

On top of this, heads will be building its packages, and possibly the ISOs itself using the Jenkins CI. It's self-hosted on Dyne.org infrastructure and will be publicly accessible. The package sources themselves shall be hosted on the same github organization where everything else is so far.

As we progress, I hope to release a version with all of this in place shortly after Devuan Ascii is released. It will be a 1.0 version, and we'll be out of the 0.X space.

For the current release, an apt-get update will get you the latest security fixes.

~ parazyd (2017-10-25)