heads 0.0 is out!

It finally happened and it's not vaporware!

heads 0.0 is a preview live CD of what heads is going to be about. This release is not intended to be used from a security point of view, but as a showcase and testing point of view.

I am not even completely sure everything is torified, but hey, that's what testing is for, no?

So please, download the ISO from the downloads link in the above navbar and abuse the hell out of it :)

Throughout a certain period, bugs will be fixed within the build system, and patched releases will be released without announcement. So check regularly for 0.0.x releases on the downloads page...

But first, read some notes on it all:

Booting the ISO can be done with some virtualization like qemu or VirtualBox, or it can be dd-ed to a USB flash drive and booted on a laptop. It can be burned to optical media as well.

The MATE desktop environment is not yet included in this release, only AwesomeWM is installed. You can install other environments easily by yourself.

When booted, you will be presented with instructions on how to login, and start a graphical environment. Keep in mind the root password is shown only once and you will have to reboot if you lose access to it.

Bugs. Lots of bugs.


Please report them as issues on the heads bugtracker.

Feature requests

Possible in the form of issues on the bugtracker, but probably won't be accepted.

Collaboration requests

Absolutely welcome.

Quick questions, socialization, {on,off}topic

talking heads

mailing heads

~ parazyd (2017-02-28)